Adults: Answers to your questions

What is New Student Orientation and how does that work?

Visit the New Student Orientation website.

What is a major?

A major is a collection of credit hours in a specific field, such as business administration or interior design.

What is a “credit hour?"

A credit hour refers to how many hours per week a student spends in class. For example, a typical course is three credit hours. Therefore, a student would spend three hours in a particular class per week.

What about housing?

About 3,000 students live in our residence halls. One is especially attractive to adult students because of its apartment-styled options: Exchange Street Residence Hall. See more about UA's housing options. Related: Off campus options

Where do I go to buy a parking permit?

Visit Parking Services.

What is the schedule of the campus shuttle?

The schedule for the Roo Express shuttle varies by season. Visit Parking Services for current routes and schedules.

Where do I get information about campus closings?

When severe weather affects campus activities, we let students know through TV, radio, text messaging and other means.

What can I use my Zip Card for?

Check out the Zip Card Office website.

Where is the bookstore and when is it open?

The Barnes & Noble Bookstore has two locations, one on the first floor of the Student Union and one on the third floor of the Polsky building. For more information, visit the bookstore's website or call 330-972-7624.

Where is the library and how can I get more information on its services?

Visit the University Libraries’ website.

Where else can I study?

The Student Union has various comfortable areas to study on its three floors, plus there is Starbucks and a student lounge. Also, academic buildings have various lounges set aside for students. Some colleges/departments may also have computers for students in their programs.

How do I find my way around campus; is there a map?

Visit the interactive map online.

How do I find out about campus events?

Visit The University of Akron calendar or the UA Events website. Check your e-mail for the weekly Zipmail too.

I have more questions; whom should I ask?

Office of Transfer and Adult Student Enrollment and Adult Focus are available to help you.